Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Our two main application aeras are Agritech and Industry 4.0

Mission, the Swiss Robotics & AI that aims to drive the competitiveness of easy-to-use, automated solutions with facilitated man-machine interaction and eco-friendly production processes and put it at the service of startups and SMEs in the region. offers advanced technologies for flexible, efficient manufacturing, and smarter decision support systems for the agriculture. The biggest drivers are real-time monitoring, inline quality control, predictive maintenance, and traceability down to single parts.

Our goals are to support start-ups, SMEs to tackle the challenge of the IIoT based on the technology platforms and the important ecosystem for industrialization and innovation management. will be the regional one stop shop for robotics & AI innovation management (R&D, coaching, testing, prototyping, first series production and connecting the ecosystem). We will also help local companies to be involved in EC projects through the EPoSS membership, the HTA alliance, EARTO and others and we will facilitate also their access to Horizon Europe projects. plays an active role in the leading clusters for mechatronics and data-intensive services.

Towards this goal, we seek to build a network of stakeholders around our DIH and the digital technologies supported by our members. We will also support establishing user-supplier relationships and enable the exchange of learning assets (e.g. best practices). A central element in building such innovation eco-systems to achieve synergy will be to establish links also with other existing regional and national DIHs.



Our services include contract R&D, strategy and innovation consultancy, development of specific business solutions for several Industrial Sectors (Space & Scientific Instrumentation, Watchmaking, Health & Lifestyle, Communication & Semiconductor, Energy & Environment, Automation & Control, Aeronautics, Transport & Security).



H2020 funded project that created an automated, a large-scale, high-precision robotic machine for hybrid multi-material manufacturing combining both subtractive and novel additive technologies


H2020 lighthouse project focusing on utilizing Big Data to contribute to the production of the best possible raw materials from agriculture, forestry, and fishery/aquaculture for the bioeconomy industry in order to produce food, energy and biomaterials, also taking into account responsibility and sustainability issues.


Visard (Vision Automation Robotics Designer) platform supports machines manufacturers in the rapid commissioning of complex, sensor-guided production systems. The software provides a modular, industry-compatible tool for integration. It combines hardware (e.g. camera, robot, IO) with latest Machine Learning algorithms an allows inline quality control or predictive maintenance in a user-friendly tool

Teleagronomy for apple and cocoa

IoT is already a reality for growing cocoa in Brazil. Soil moisture, plant and weather sensors allow a precise irrigation which decrease the water use by about 30%.

Agrometeo - forecasting plant diseases and pests

Forecasting diseases and pests allows their efficient regulation and minimizes the environmental impacts. A proper network of over 150 meteo stations in whole Switzerland delivers the needed data to generate the forecasts based on different models.




Philipp Schmid

Head R&BD, Industry 4.0 & Machine Learning, CSEM

Swiss & European DIH network

Bahaa Roustom

 Deputy Head of Marketing & Business Development, CSEM